Fort Bay SabaSurface Intervals
Saba has only one way for boats to access the sea, from our Fort Bay Harbor.  Sea Saba like other dive operators, has a facility at the harbor.  John will be happy to give you a tour of "his workshop" where our K14 compressors are housed along with our nitrox system, rental equipment, his many tools and other equipment.  But if snorkeling with a turtle or just gazing up at the cliffs to see Tropicbirds and frigates interests you more than the behind the scenes functioning of our dive shop or island infrastructure, we suggest you spend as little time as possible at Fort Bay.

The small harbor is the epicenter of commerce for our 5-square mile island. About 100'(33 m) of actual dock space serves divers, fisherman, freight boats, etc. The harbor facility is also home to the island's only fuel station and the hyperbaric facility but also the GEBE (our local electric company) diesel generators which power the island . These noisy machines have 6 smoke stacks (as seen in the above photo on the left) to deal with the exhaust.
Saba's Harbor Beautification project was a three-year process. The Fort Bay looks the best it ever has. Road repairs have been made, clean and reliable public bathrooms are available and the new public sun deck is used by locals daily. However, it's still a commercial harbor and we feel where you want to spend little vacation time.

Wells Bay SabaFor these reasons, Sea Saba surface intervals are more often enjoyed at Well's Bay or another quiet cove away from the hustle and bustle of the harbor. Our large boats provide a comfortable platform from which to snorkel, kayak, or to get to know your fellow divers, chat with the crew or just relax.  We can help you make arrangements for lunch on board or after your day of diving.  Cold water and lemonade are always available.