Training & Courses
Academic Poolside Training Giant Stride Poolside Training Giant Stride Boat Training Neutral Buoyancy
Sea Saba makes learning to dive fun and easy with low instructor-to-student ratios and our dedication to work with you to take the extra steps to achieve comfort and confidence.

Sea Saba offers professional dive training programs for all ages and all levels from first time beginners to more experienced or those who want to enhance specific skills.

Already certified? Let our team of professionals intrigue you with a variety of specialty courses: We offer digital photography options, three distinctive eco programs including National Geographic and more. Consistent with Sea Saba's quality assurance, any course with Sea Saba will be conducted with a dedicated instructor (both above and below) who will work with you to ensure you have a positive, thorough learning experience both academically and in the water. So whether you want to hone your buoyancy, increase your comfort level, dive safer, have a greater appreciation for the environment, or all of the above, we can get you there!

Many of our clients return to Saba with a friend or family member knowing that Sea Saba is a dive center that takes diving seriously but always makes it fun. In addition, we have a policy of making every diver a better diver, whether as a sanctioned course or just by providing you information and assistance on the boat and underwater.

Knowledge Development
Continuing Education
Unique to Sea Saba
Are your kids ready to dive?
Click here for loads of information on this important decision as well as information about Saba as a family destinatioin.

PADI National Geographic Dive CenterSea Saba is a PADI 5-Star Dive Resort as well as a National Geographic Dive Center, putting us in the "elite" status by PADI. The 5-Star status means Sea Saba is recognized by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) as a facility with quality air, professional equipment as well as offering quality accommodations, superior service and excellent dive opportunities. Dive centers of this caliber focus on memorable dive experiences, customer satisfaction, diver safety and environmental awareness, by going the extra mile to provide professional and outstanding service - from beginning scuba programs to our professional level courses. Sea Saba was chosen by PADI as the island's National Geographic Dive Center for its commitment to conservation and educational programs with its staff and clients. Although PADI is the world's largest diving organization, there are many quality organizations: NAUI, SDI, CMAS and SSI to name just a few.; Although each training organization has individual rules and standards for specific issues, the overall goal of any of these organizations is to train divers safely and professionally. At Sea Saba we feel the individual instructor (Meet the Sea Saba Crew) is more important than the diving agency affiliation. Contact us and we will be pleased to answer any questions or concerns you have whether you need to complete training or are considering learning a new aspect of diving.

Personal Dive InstructionA word about dive training and pricing. We assume your decision to initiate dive training is because you wish to learn and/or become a better diver. Although we make every course fun, we promise each course is thorough and professionally conducted. As quality is synonymous with Sea Saba (whether referring to our boats, the clothing we sell or teaching practices), we have specific policies adhered to for teaching. An instructor will be assigned to you and work with you to master the academic aspects of your course and when required, confined water training. Whether you are doing dives for your Advance Open Water certification or Naturalist course, Sea Saba will have a dedicated instructor on board for your training. The dedicated instructor ensures your training is the focus of his or her attention. Our instructor guides do not multi task (lead other certified divers) at the same time they are conducting training. We won't just 'go through the motions' and 'sign you off'. For this reason, our pricing for continuing education courses may be slightly higher than other dive shops. We urge you to shop and compare; hopefully the price is not the only factor in your decision making.
Your First Dive with Sea Saba
Let Sea Saba take you on your first dive!

Your first dive is the most important. Under the proper conditions and guidance, almost anyone can become a scuba diver and enjoy the natural wonders below the surface. Our Learn-to-Dive programs start in the familiar setting of a swimming pool. The following table lists the courses available, the time needed to complete them and a price*. The titles of the courses are based on PADI courses. It's important to note that you can take advantage of PADI's modular system whereby you can try a one or two-day course but continue to 'upgrade' your status while you enjoy diving--without commitment. Contact Lynn for more details.
Sea Saba Learn to Dive Options # of days # of dives Price based on
3 persons*
Discover Scuba Diving 1 1 $100
Scuba Diver program 2 2 $215
Open Water course (post Elearning) 2 4 $230
Referral 2 4 $220
Refresher course 1 1 $100
*prices are in U.S. dollars and based on 3 persons. No Hidden Costs! Our prices include use of all scuba equipment, instructor time, pool usage, use of academic materials, transfers to and from the boat, licensing fees. Prices do not include Saba Marine Park fees of $3/dive.

Private and Semi Private Prices:

DSD:  Private $120; 2 persons $110p/p
Scuba Diver: Private $265; 2 persons $240p/p
OW:  Private $485; 2 persons $435p/p
No minimums for ELearning program
:  Private $330; 2 persons $280
Referral:  Private $310; 2 persons $270
Refresher:  Private $120; 2 persons $110

Which option is best for you?
Discover Scuba Diving
What was once called a Resort Course is now known as Discover Scuba Diving. Sea Saba conducts many Discover Scuba Diving courses throughout the year with great success. One key to our success is the amount of time we spend with our guests. We first conduct a full lecture session that explains the equipment, basic physics and physiology. The fun then begins with your instructor spending time with you in the familiar environment of a swimming pool--where you will become comfortable with the equipment and be taught a few skills to prepare you for your dive in the ocean. Your dive is done in the Saba Marine Park aboard our large, comfortable boat. Your instructor will give you a briefing before you begin your shallow, accompanied dive--normally we begin in 12-20' (4-6m). Although Saba is famous for our deeper pinnacle dives, it's not uncommon to have a special experience at a shallow dive site like Torens Point. You may see a turtle, eel, stingray, octopus, or baby shark among the colorful reefs you encounter. There is no official license issued for this course but you are allowed to continue diving shallow dives (40', 12m) under instructor supervision for the duration of your vacation. OR, add another day of instruction (and a little homework) including another great dive and leave Saba with the Scuba Diver Program license which you can continue to upgrade.
Scuba Diver ProgramScuba Diver Program
This course is designed for vacationers who do not want to commit to additional training or intend to only dive a few times each year. The course covers the academic portion of the manual with the exception of learning dive tables. Pool sessions will prepare you for two instructor-supervised dives. Once complete, you will be issued a limited license which restricts your diving depth and requires diving with a professional. The beauty of this course is that you earn a license that allows you to continue diving in other locations after your vacation. Once you decide you want to take the next step in diving, you can simply upgrade the license by doing the necessary additional course work and dives. At Sea Saba, if you have been actively diving during this time, an Open Water Certification should take two more days and cost only $130 additional. Another option is to ELearn this course in advance of arrival and take just one day instead of two.
Open Water certification
Open Water Certification

A full Open Water Certification course enables you to receive an international license. Many people tell us they just can't find the time to learn to dive during their busy work schedules. And, what better place to learn to dive than at a world-class destination while on holiday? PADI's new "Dive Today" program changes the old fashion way of teaching. Sea Saba's course has you diving a beautiful site in the Saba Marine Park the afternoon of your first day. And now, there's even more options in how you learn to dive...

PADI E-LearningIntroducing...ELearning!
Learning to scuba dive has never been more convenient!
If you want to spend less time in the classroom and have more fun diving, E-Learn the academic portion of this course when and where it works for you. Whether you’re on the go or want to take it slow, now you can complete the knowledge development portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course online with PADI eLearning or TOUCH. It’s a great match for your active schedule. The new TOUCH program allows you to download the course material as an "App" on your tablet, so no internet access is required to read course material once the app is dowloaded--so take the course with you and complete the theory portion of the course while you commute on a train or bus or when you're flying down to Saba. After you have completed the required reading, login to to complete the required quizzes and final exam. Once you get to Saba, you can complete the pool and ocean part of the course in just 2 easy days...simply follow these steps:
Sign Up for the PADI Open Water Diver Course Online
Sign In to PADI eLearning or PADI TOUCH
Convenient on-line access to knowledge development material for one year

Unlimited and unrestricted access to an online version of the PADI Open Water Diver Manual

Payment is $146 USD for eLearning via a secure online payment system. There are additional charges for in-water training and equipment rental once on Saba

Click here to read a special note of caution regarding non-RSTC agencies
PADI Open Water Crew PackReferral
And yet another option, the referral works beautifully if you have the time to begin a course at your local dive shop. Establishing a relationship with a dive shop in your local area is always a good idea--even if you only intend to 'dive in paradise'. Buying dive equipment from a local dealer will give you an outlet for future service. Many local dive shops are also sources for group or individual travel, offer social activities and offer advance training to keep you active when you can't be in paradise. If you prefer to do your first dives in the tropics, just let your local dive shop know you want to do the 'first part' of an open water course: academic and pool work. This way, you come to the Caribbean with only the really fun part to do--4 open water dives (and it's nicer than cold and dark waters of the north!). Referrals can be easily accomplished. As a PADI International Resort as well as an SSI Universal Referral Center, Sea Saba's instructors can complete referrals from all major agencies: IDEA, NASDS, NAUI, PDIC, SSI, YMCA and of course, PADI. Yes, you can be on the same boat as your already certified diving friends. You will need to be sure to have all documentation with you and advise us when making a reservation. Easy!
Refresher Course
 Have other life priorities prevented you from keeping your diving skills honed? We recommend that divers who have not been diving for a year or more take a refresher course. We'll make it easy and fun--we provide everything you need--starting with a review book and an instructor who meets you poolside... you can ask questions and review skills before heading to our boat for a shallow afternoon dive. Most divers find the Refresher Course the perfect preparation to ready them for all that Saba has to offer.Once you are ready to make a reservation, just remind us that you'd like the Refresher Course so that we have our instructor scheduled.
Let Sea Saba take you to the next level!
If you would like to learn more about diving in order to feel more confident and self reliant, Adventure Dives and Advance Open Water are the next steps to improve your diving skills. There's no substitute for experience but there's nothing like knowledge and additional training to give you comfort you venture further in a sport.
Sea Saba Continuing Education Options # of
# of dives Add-on Package rate based on 3 persons Price based on
3 persons*
An Adventure Dive .5 1 $69 $125
Adventure Diver 1-2 3 $59/dive $220
Advanced Open Water Diver 2 5 $159 $370
Master Scuba Diver 5* 10+** N/A history dependent
Emergency First Response 1 0 N/A $99
Rescue Diver and EFR 3-4 2 N/A $385
Divemaster 14 2 N/A $850
An Adventure Dive
PADI's Advanced Open Water ("AOW") training program, like the Open Water course is modular. If you do not have time to complete the entire AOW Course (5 dives), you can do just one or two dives and receive documentation to become certified as an Adventure Diver or AOW Diver. This systems allows you to upgrade or finish the course at another time or even at another destination. As an example, if you are a newer diver visiting Saba, doing your first deep dive as an Adventure Dive is the ideal solution to give you the knowledge and confidence to dive our pinnacle dives or your first night dive in the safest scenario. You will receive the same academic material for this dive as you would to conduct this dive as part of your Advanced Open Water training. The material is designed for home study with a 10-question Knowledge Review. One of our experienced instructors will meet with you to further discuss and review the academic portion of the course. On the required dive, a dedicated instructor will be assigned to you to conduct the required skills as well as focusing their attention on you and the specific open water training. You will receive documentation of the Adventure Dive to use toward a next certification level and/or to show other dive centers the additional training and experience you now have.
Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver
Adventures in DivingPADI's Adventures In Diving program fine-tunes your dive skills and allows you to explore all that diving has to offer. The Adventures In Diving program offers you a structured program where you gain additional experience and skills under the guidance of a PADI Professional. Deep and Navigation dives are mandatory. On Saba, you can choose other diving areas that interest you: Drift Diver, Multi-Level Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photographer, Night Diver, Search and Recovery, Project AWARE and Fish Identification. (We have no ice, wrecks or mountain lakes or need to wear a drysuit.) You can even do a nitrox training dive as one of your electives. With this choice, you can also use this dive training toward obtaining your nitrox certification and save $25.

The PADI Adventures In Diving program offers two certification options. Complete any three Adventure Dives to earn the PADI Adventure Diver rating. Complete the Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives and three additional Adventure Dives (five total) and earn a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. Divers between the ages of 12-14 who complete the dives can earn a PADI Junior Adventure Diver or Junior Advanced Open Water Diver rating. The maximum recommended depth for adventure dive is 30 metres/100 feet.
Master Scuba Diver
If you are the type of person who enjoys learning and feeling that you are on the top of your game, becoming a Master Scuba Diver is a great goal. To accomplish this certification, you must be certified in 5 distinct PADI specialties. Discussions of timing and pricing are on a case-by-case basis as you can offset the required dives for each specialty if you have covered one or more of those dives in another course (i.e. if you want to do a specialty course in Navigation with 3 required dives, you will only need to do 2 dives as you already did one of the required dives in your Advanced course.
Emergency First Response Training
Emergency First Response
Want to be ready in an emergency? Then this program is for you. The PADI Emergency First Response program covers basic training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency care. In addition, it’s a medically based program covering primary care, secondary care and treatments following national consensus guidelines. An EFR certification or proof of a recent CPR and First Aid course is a pre-requisite for Rescue Diver enrollment.

Rescue Diver Training

Rescue Diver
How do you take a subject like accident prevention and management and turn it into fun? Call it the PADI Rescue Diver program! The PADI Rescue Diver program develops your knowledge and skills so you can effectively perform diver assists and rescues, manage diving accident situations and render first aid. The program is an important step in expanding your knowledge and experience as a diver. PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) certification is also a prerequisite for all PADI leadership programs. This course teaches you and assesses you on:
diveflagdiving first aid  diveflagprevention of problems before they arise
diveflagpanicked diver response diveflagself-rescue and diver stress
diveflagdive accident scenarios diveflagswimming and non-swimming assists
diveflagegress (exits) diveflagprevention of problems before they arise
diveflagin-water artificial respiration diveflagfirst aid procedures for pressure related accidents
diveflagmissing diver procedures diveflagsurfacing the unconscious diver
diveflag emergency management and
equipment considerations
Divemaster Training

Divemaster Training
Considering making your hobby your career?  Or perhaps you just want to be as knowledgeable as possible about your sport. Becoming a divemaster is the first step in becoming a professional diver.  A divemaster is someone who 

diveflagHas a high level of personal diving skill.
diveflagHas instructor level knowledge of diving theory.
diveflagHas had significant training to assist an instructor
during training activities.
diveflag Is able to assume appropriate responsibilities
that benefit other divers.

If you simply want to "collect a badge", Sea Saba is not the place.  If you are serious about expanding your diving skills and abilities to accomplish the next step in diver training, Sea Saba promises a thorough and fulfilling course, one that we will proudly sign our name to.  Be ready!

Specialty courses offered by Sea Saba
Specialty courses allow you to focus in areas you are most interested.  Sea Saba doesn't let just any instructor teach a course to 'go through the motions' and 'issue you another badge'.  Sea Saba is committed to offering you only specific courses that our staff has a background in and can truly deliver a superb learning experience.  For that reason, you won't just get a quick briefing on the boat prior to going on a dive.  Instead, the instructor will meet with you in the late afternoon prior to your dive (normally the day before), at your hotel or an agreed meeting spot, so that there is more than adequate time to teach you the academic portion of your course.  This way when you're on the boat you will be comfortable and confident, knowing what to expect and equipped with all the tools to learn as much as possible.  If you are looking for a quality educational experience, we are confident you will consider our prices competitive and fair once you compare the actual time you will spend both academically and underwater.  Choose from the following top quality specialty courses:
Another Sea Saba Difference
PADI courses Eco Programs Photo Programs
Peak Performace Buoyancy PADI National Geographic PADI Digital U/W Photography
UW Naturalist Saba Eco Immersion Sea Saba Macro Safari
Nitrox (Enriched Air) options REEF Fish ID & Surveying Personalized Photo Workshop
Neutral BuoyancyPeak Performance Bouyancy
Mastering neutral buoyancy is the pivotal point as a diver.  Before you can consider progressing in any other areas, buoyancy skills are a must.  You not only look better in the water, it is safer for you, those around you and the environment.  Unfortunately, many divers either did not master buoyancy in their initial training or have not been diving regularly to hone this skill.  We can fix that!  Once you have learned to glide effortlessly, you will also use less air and ascend, descend or hover, almost as if by thought. You can then interact gently with aquatic life and affect their surroundings minimally. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course refines the basic skills you learned as a PADI Open Water Diver and elevates those skills. Achieving the art of neutral buoyancy is the stepping stone for all divers and a must before progress can be expected in other areas. 

Let Sea Saba teach you:
How to trim your scuba gear so you’re perfectly balanced in the water
Nuances in determining weight so you’re not too light nor too heavy by even a slight degree
How to streamline to save air and move smoothly through the water
How to hover effortlessly in both a vertical and horizontal position
Under Water Naturalist CertificationUnderwater Naturalist Certification
Are you a comfortable diver ready to learn something new in a fun environment?  Let a Sea Saba expert share the enthusiasm and knowledge they have gained from years of diving.  This course starts with the basics of marine life identification providing the tools and know how to take your learning to a next level.  So whether you just want to know what kind of fish that is or whether your goal is to be involved in a  marine conservation effort, let Sea Saba provide the cornerstones to build upon.  Our Underwater Naturalist Course includes the use of a digital camera on both dives so that when you're de-briefing with your instructor, you have actual images to discuss the fish, corals and creatures identified on your dive.  And, we'll download the images to a c.d. so you have a great souvenir of your experience.
3 options to become Nitrox (Enriched Air) certified
3 options to become Nitrox (Enriched Air) certified
Once considered technical diving, diving with nitrox is now better understood.  Diving with nitrox simply means your scuba tank is filled with a higher content of oxygen than a regular air mixture.  Sea Saba offers three levels of nitrox training.  From a one-dive introductory course to an internationally accepted license.  We still suggest the Enriched Air/Nitrox license so that you have no restrictions, but there are more options--see below.  If you are still deciding whether to become nitrox certified and want to know more about why diving nitrox is safer and the best thing you can do to reduce the risk of DCI, go to Sea Saba's Nitrox (Enriched Air) page for more detailed information.
Sea Saba nitrox
course options
# of days # of dives Price based on
3 persons*
Dive Nitrox Today Intro 30 mins 1 Now free on any Sea Saba vessel--just ask ahead!
Discover Nitrox 3 hours 0 $65
PADI Enriched Air 2 aft sessions 2 $119*
*Price includes instructor time, use of textbook, calculator and tables, two nitrox tanks, licensing fees
--based on 3 persons; prices vary with number of participants. Pricing based on package add-on; dives not included.  
***PADI standards do not require a nitrox dive must be done for this certification, but is recommended. 
See our explanation and recommendations on this course below.
*Private Course $149; 2 persons $129 per person; 5 or more only $99 per person

Dive Today Nitrox Introductory Course
This course is designed as an introduction to nitrox diving.  You must be a PADI Open Water diver (or equivalent) and complete Practical Application 1 (a brief 'homework' assignment) and be briefed by one of our nitrox instructors and dive under their supervision.  Just let us know in advance and we will bring a flip chart on the boat. You will need to fill out a PADI medical statement. Easy?  You bet!  Benefit?  The course is designed to "de-mystify" what all those other divers on the boat with green and yellow labels on their tanks are doing.  You will be shown how simple it is to analyze your tank and the difference of a nitrox profile versus an air profile.  Of course, the intention is that you will take things to a next step and become fully certified to regularly reap the benefits of the safer gas usage.
PADI EANx LogoDiscover Nitrox
PADI now gives us more learning to dive nitrox options.  This course is a quick compromise to dive nitrox  with less time required for licensing but with limitations.  For this reason, we recommend spending just a few more hours to become Enriched Air licensed but we are pleased to spell out the specific differences.  Only one Knowledge Review (homework assignment) is required to be completed and you don't even have to do a nitrox dive to be certified.  Once licensed, there are some restrictions to compare:
May dive up to 32% mix Must dive air profiles and only use an air computer
Max depth is 100' (30m) Must be under direct supervision of Nitrox professional
PADI Enriched Air Manual
Enriched Air
Sea Saba offers a PADI International Enriched Air license, an easy and fast way to be diving nitrox and benefit from the advantages of nitrox use.  The new manual makes your nitrox certification quicker and easier to obtain.  Two easy unobtrusive afternoon sessions, between 4 and 6 hours total time is all it takes.  Most often, you can be diving nitrox after the first class.   The advantage of the Enriched Air course over the Discover Nitrox course is that you can dive any mix up to 40% (not just 32%) with no depth restrictions, utilize a nitrox computer for extended range benefits and dive as a buddy team--not just under instructor supervision.

National Geographic Dive Center LogoSaba Eco Immersion Certification
Sea Saba is among a very select group of dive centers showing its commitment to education and conservation. About 10 years ago, PADI and National Geographic selected us to provide a unique and rewarding dive education experience. Since then, the affiliation between PADI and National Geographic is no longer in place...instead, we customized the Saba Eco Immersion program and received PADI Distinctive Specialty approval. This project based adventure program is an enlightening and rewarding experience for any diver to enhance your awareness of the underwater world. You decide what you are most interested in learning more about in the underwater world, we will develop an educational experience that maximizes your learning potential. Our top quality course involves three dives.  You will have a full academic presentation and discussion conducted in a relaxing learning environment for each dive done with this program.  Follows are examples of PADI Saba Eco Immersion projects done with Sea Saba.

National Geographic Research MapBe A Reef Researcher
Saba has many different types of reef systems. Let’s compare a couple and understand what the differences are among them, what life chooses which and why, and therefore gain an in depth understanding of the underwater environment so that we can enjoy it even more during our dives.

Key Points to Learn:

diveflagWho is on this reef? diveflagWhat do we know about the inhabitants?
diveflagWhere do they live in this system? diveflagHow do they relate to other organisms on the reef?
diveflagWhy is their role so important
to this reef community?

National Geographic Photo JournalistBe A Photo Journalist
Do you want to do more than just observe? Are you interested in documenting a rare species? How about exposing an environmental issue and reporting it in pictures? Maybe you want to tell  a story about your favorite underwater interests?

They say a picture can be worth a thousand words, and put together with a few powerful statements you can change minds and create awareness.

Key Points to Learn:

diveflagLearn the basics in underwater photography. diveflagWork together with our instructor to tell
your story in a photo essay.
diveflagGain knowledge as well as experience about environmental issues  

Be A Biologist
Learn and contribute to relevant and on going science. See what the field researchers are doing on Saba, and learn how to be a valuable member of the team.

A few project ideas:

diveflagParticipate in Elkhorn coral transplantation.
diveflagLearn the methods and systems used to do a fish survey; submit that data to the
worldwide database while on Saba and your next trips elsewhere.
diveflagLocate, Identify, and monitor octopus; note camouflage techniques and how they differ
from species to species.
diveflagDesign your own project.
diveflagCome to Saba in the month of October when you can participate in Sea & Learn on Saba
with a variety of marine biologists.

In addition to developing your specific project based on your interests, you will also receive instruction on optimizing your buoyancy skills, as well as learning more advanced navigation and mapping techniques.  Come be a part of the exciting and rewarding learning opportunities, and best of all, do it while you dive in one of the Caribbean’s best diving destinations!

Saba Eco Immersion Program
Saba Eco Immersion Program-Plus
was modeled after "Scientific Methods", a 14-day college credit program conducted by Dr. Jennifer Rahn (a former Sea Saba Divemaster and now a professor of geography at Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama) in cooperation with Sea Saba Dive Center in January 2009.  It is intended for small groups or families who really want to learn all that they can, both above and below, about the unique island of Saba.

Consider the island of Saba as your eco laboratory. Explore eight eco zones from rocky desert tide pools to lush mountainous rainforest and of course, the famous Saba Marine Park. 

Design your own "hands on" learning program to include marine surveys, fish and fauna identification, mapping the substrate, observing the effects of geological processes and our cloud forest cycles,  Diving, hiking, birding, exploring, learning and experiences for a lifetime...Multiple opportunities for friends and families to work as a team as they create a project of their own design to represent their Saba experience.

So how does it work?
diveflagYou let us know what your diving level is (need to learn? beginners looking to improve? or somewhat experienced?  or a mix?) Easy!  We promise you will leave Saba with excellent diving skills but also with an enhanced understanding of our planet and what we can do to make a difference.
diveflagWe also need to know how many days you can spend on Saba. This program is based on a minimum 7-day stay but is best suited for 10 or even more.
diveflagWhy?  Because there's plenty to learn and experience on this 5-square mile microcosm.
Depending on your timeframe and budget, in addition to our professional dive team, we can set up your program to include local naturalists, a geologist, botanist.  A few examples of things you can learn about:  coral reef ecology, Elkhorn coral transplanting, how to conduct marine surveys, fish and creature biology and identification, coral health and mapping the substrate, our cloud forest, medicinal purposes of tropical plants, geology, volcanoes and landform processes, rain shadow and orographic effects, coastal geomorphology and oceanographic processes.
REEF Fish I.D. and Surveying Certification
We'll not only teach you to look at the reef differently, but you will never again claim to have a 'ho hum dive'.  The course begins with simple identification skills of more common Caribbean reef fish and builds upon those identification skills to incorporate surveying skills.  It's easier than you think.  Once the skills are achieved, you will become a member of REEF, and as a certified surveyor, you can contribute to the world wide database as well as building your personal life list of fish sightings.  Your contribution helps conservation efforts not only on Saba but for your future dive trips.  Your dives can now become a quest to determine not only that you saw a fish, not just a Parrot Fish, not just a Stoplight Parrotfish but whether it's in its terminal phase and whether it's a male or female and whether it's common to see it on this area of the reef.
Underwater PhotographyUnderwater Photography
has changed dramatically with the advent of digital technology.  If you have tried underwater photography with a film system in the past without great success, it's time to try again!  The new camera systems are easier to use and yield fantastic results even for first time users.  Any aware diver who attempts his first underwater photograph is immediately humbled.  Once you have your buoyancy fine tuned, you then realize looking through a view finder is even how to adjust for sunlight or lack of it, controlling back scatter and before you know it, the fish moved!  Sea Saba offers a variety of underwater digital photography courses depending on your understanding of photography, type of camera you are using and how much time you are willing to devote to enhancing your skills.  We can work with you whether you own your own camera or need to rent ours.  Ready for the next level?  Try out our Sea & Sea YS110A strobe connected by fiber optic to any point and shoot or SLR housing.
PADI Digital Unerwater Photography
PADI Digital Underwater Photography

This is a fully sanctioned specialty course covering the information and skills to begin enjoying a rewarding additional facet of diving.  You will learn new skills from buoyancy control and photographic techniques to animal interaction etiquette.  As important, we'll teach you how to use and care for an underwater system as well as the foundation to download and manipulate your images.

Sea Saba Small Stuff Safari
Magnify your awareness and become a better macro photographer.  From a technical side, you will learn how to adjust for backscatter and white balance both on the dive and post production.  Our photo pro will teach you how to locate and approach subjects thereby yielding improved results.  No more 'all blue' photos or overexposed critters.

Sea Saba Pesonal Phot Workshop

Sea Saba Personalized Photo Workshop
New and more experienced photographers alike can enjoy this complete workshop intended to improve all aspects of your photography.  Spend four intense days with our photo pro to work on and improve your skills including composition, lighting, post production workflow and editing tutorials.  This course will make your images gallery worthy.

Sea Saba
Specialty Course Options
# of
# of dives Package add-on Price based on
3 persons*
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy 1 2 $119*
PADI Underwater Naturalist 2 aft sessions for
academic background
2 $119*
PADI Enriched Air (nitrox) courses see above section for 3 different course options and pricing
PADI National Geographic 1 3 $225*
REEF Fish ID and Surveying 1 2 $169*
Sea Saba Eco Immersion program 7+ many course dependent
PADI Digital UW Photography 2 afternoon sessions 2 $139*
Small Stuff Safari 2 afternoon sessons 2 $139*
Personalized Photo Workshop 4 8 $289*
Pricing for specialty courses are based on 3 persons, package add-on; dives not included. Specifics regarding pricing for each course are footnoted below:
Specialty Course Sea Saba Pricing Specifics
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy
Price includes use of academic materials, instructor time, licensing fees.  Our instructor will spend individual time with you to ensure optimum weighting, breathing techniques and body positioning--satisfaction guaranteed! 
PADI Underwater Naturalist
Price includes instructor time, two identification books, slate, use of u/w camera for both dives, licensing fees--based on 3 persons; prices vary with number of participants. Pricing based on package add-on; dives not included.  $179 2 persons; $199 1 person
PADI National Geographic
Price includes instructor time, National Geographic Crew Pak with DVD, manual, specialized log book, licensing fees, instructor time, use of digital camera for the day. Pricing is based on package add-on, dives not included.  Price adjusted lower when more divers participate.  Pricing for 2 persons $250; 1 person $275
REEF Fish ID and surveying
Price includes instructor time, REEF survey kit, REEF pocket Fish and pocket Creatures books, licensing fees--based on 3 persons; prices vary with number of participants. Pricing based on package add-on; dives not included. $179 2 persons; $199 1 person
PADI Digital UW Photography
Price includes instructor time, use of u/w digital camera for both dives, take home cd souvenir, imaging software and lesson on how to use, PADI Underwater Digital Photography Manual, licensing fees.  Pricing based on package add-on, dives not included: 2 persons $139; 1 person $169.  Subtract $30 if have own camera.  
DAN logoBefore you consider diving....
If you maintain your health and follow the basic rules, scuba diving is a sport you can enjoy in to your 80's!  However, diving has inherent risks that may not be a concern while participating in other sports.  Dive training whether for one-day courses, specialties or professional training requires the student to complete a medical statement and liability release.  Sea Saba follows the recommendations of PADI and D.A.N. Please click here to review the medical questionnaire before coming to Saba. If you answer yes to a question, you will require a physician's clearance before training begins. Any medical concerns that might effect your ability to learn to dive or to dive safely should be addressed before you travel.  With your safety as our #1 concern, we have the right to refuse you to dive with us should we be made aware of any medical concern at any point during your stay. D.A.N. offers free insurance while you are learning to dive. You can register yourself on-line prior to arrival: