The Unspoiled Queen
Although the little island of Saba is considered a remote, exotic destination it is by no means "third world". Saba is old fashioned but not impoverished or considered a risk destination.

View of the village of Windwardside Saba from Mt. ScenerySaba proudly declares itself "The Unspoiled Queen" referring to her unspoiled nature and inhabitants. The best way to describe this unique island with only 1400 people is to list our "have nots". Saba has no crime, no high rises, no traffic or traffic lights, no pesty insects, no crowds, no fast food restaurants, no casinos, no cruise ships. Oh, and we almost forgot, no beaches. Instead Saba's guests enjoy a choice of small, intimate hotels and private cottages within quaint villages among friendly locals. And speaking of friendly, Saba, unlike some Caribbean islands, is considered to be quite liberal minded from race to religious beliefs to sexual orientation.

Diving is conducted under the auspices of the Saba Marine Park, a model park recognized for its success in protecting the marine environment. Topside Saba is protected by the Saba Conservation Foundation with only a small percentage of the island 'developed' for residential and commercial needs. Ten to fifteen restaurants offer an array of cuisine from outdoor barbeques to fine dining, all at reasonable prices. Saba even has two ATMs, decent cell phone coverage, its own ISP, and island-wide WiFi. Considering Saba for a family trip? We hope you will find our comprehensive website answers your many questions--see you soon on Saba!