Topside Fun
A Caribbean island without a beach?  Sound like a "tough sell" for you or your non-diving companions?  Saba offers an experience like no other Caribbean island.  Return customers are not to worry, we haven't built a casino or a shopping mall, but a few enhancements to our island make Saba more enjoyable for locals and visitors alike.
Saba's Topside Fun
Snorkel Saba!Snorkeling
Join the fun with a snorkel trip! As there is limited shore access on Saba, the best way to explore our healthy reefs is while snorkeling from a comfortable Sea Saba boat with our competent dive crew. Daily afternoon trips can be arranged at our Windwardside office.; We'll arrange a taxi pickup for you and any equipment needed. Let us introduce you to the underwater world. Sea Saba's boats are large and comfortable with shade as well as a sundeck. We always have a qualified dive instructor who stays on board so that first time snorkelers can be comforted. In addition, we have a full range of equipment including snorkel vests, a drift line and wetsuits to add to your comfort and safety. Once you are intrigued, why not consider scuba diving? Sea Saba offers one-day Discover Scuba Diving courses and international full certification classes (1, 2 and 4-day courses available).
Hiking on Saba

Imagine the life of the local islanders before the famous road was built as you travel from one village to the next or make your way to the rocky shoreline where English settlers fought Carib Indians over water rights. Saba offers a variety of hiking and nature trails over diverse terrains from tide pools up to Saba's cloudforest: Mt. Scenery. Fourteen trails are continuously maintained by the Saba Conservation Foundation. All trails can be done on your own but are greatly enhanced with Saba's naturalist, James "Crocodile" Johnson. James is knowledgeable in Saba's flora and fauna and has loads of Saban lore to share as well. Visit the Saba Trail Shop in Windwardside (adjacent to the Sea Saba shop) for more information on hiking choices, maps or to find out when you can schedule James' for your customized hike. Since 2008, GeoCaching now possible on Saba. Just another reason to get out and explore nature. Join the fun--thus far there are two to find:; Avocado is rumored to be Pottery at The Peanut Gallery Sabamuch easier to find than Jams & Ken!

Art and Craftwork
The Five-Square Art Gallery at Lambee's Place houses Saba's premier art collections. Gerard "Gersh" Geenty and Emilie Declippeleir are the new proprietors. The couple who also run Everyt'ings souvenir shop bring new enthusiasm to Saba's art scene. The gallery holds works by local and regional artists ranging from oils and pastels to driftwood carvings, beach glass work, pottery and framed Saba Lace. Find yourself inspired? The gallery sells sketch pads and other supplies to get you started or produce your own Saban masterpiece. Heleen Cornet painting The Sacred Heart Church on Saba

Saba's most popular artist and former president of Saba Foundation for the Arts, Heleen Cornet sometimes offers art lessons. In winter months, she also heads a weekly Saturday meeting of artists. Heleen took two-years to complete the project we have dubbed, "Saba's Sistine Chapel" The alter of the Catholic Church in The Bottom has been transformed to a biblical Saban rainforest scene. Heleen's timeless art can be viewed any day of the week. Be sure to ask your taxi driver to stop in for a peek or catch it on the way down after hiking the Sandy Cruz trail. For more information and close-up photos, check out our News archives (March 2000) issueSaba Lace Ladies at the Eugenus Center Windwardside Saba

And finally, join The Saba Lace Ladies on Thursday afternoons at The Eugenius Center in Windwardside. Watch these skilled women and their intricate work or start your own piece by chatting with them and learning the techniques. Not to be missed is the unique art of hot glass. Jo Bean (see below in shopping section) does demonstrations and offers classes. You will be amazed at what you can learn from this famed artisan in just one or two classes. And it's really fun!

Looking for a unique souvenir? Take a wander down "Main Street" in Windwardside and meet a friendly shop owner, visit an artist or have a smoothie at the Snack Shop. You won't find a Wal-Mart or a Colombian Emeralds on Saba but you will find as one shopkeeper's sign reads: "gifts, oddments and pretties". Sea Saba is no longer just great diving t-shirts but has expanded to quality resort wear to satisfy your gift list from infant to XXL--and Merrell and Columbia hiking shoes and REEF sandals in case you forgot yours and want to enjoy Saba's trails.  Jobean Art Studio Booby Hill Saba

Jo Bean's Glass Art Studio is a must stop on Booby Hill, jewelry and specialty items can be purchased or plan an extra day and sign up for a class to create your own!  The Peanut Gallery offers local artwork from handmade Christmas ornaments to incredible large canvases. Saba Lace can be purchased at The Peanut Gallery or ld on Thursdays at the Eugenius Center in Windwardside or ask your taxi driver to take you to see the ladies in Hell's Gate.

Massage Therapy on SabaRelaxing and Spoiling Yourself

Let it go! Can't forget about that project back home? Got a nagging ache or just want to treat yourself? If the great views, peaceful village lifestyle and fresh air just aren't enough, ask the Sea Saba office gals to book you in to the new Frangiapani Spa @ Queen's Gardens Resort. Email us for a full menu of treatments available or to organize a gift certificate for your dive buddy or we're happy to call once you're on island.

Wanna Workout?
If you feel the need for a workout, just walking Saba's roads or hiking trails is excellent exercise. Certainly you can try running our roads but unless you're a serious runner, most people feel the constant ups and downs are far too challenging. There is a (yes, singular, one) tennis court on the island but play is restricted to members. If you're not traveling with your regular tennis partner, talk to us at the Sea Saba office--John, Lynn and others all play regularly along with a handful of other locals, all at various playing levels. There are also Insanity, Body Balance Tae Boe and yoga classes available. However, divers should heed caution after a day of diving--be sure to read our Concerning Altitude page in the Saba's Diving section of this website.

Saba has 12% of the worlds remaining Red Billed Tropic Birds


Stop by the Saba Trail Shop and ask for Jelle or Dahlia or come in to Sea Saba's 'nature library' and grab a birding book or identification card to take on your hike. There have been a number of research programs conducted on Saba's birdlife. Presently, work is being done to declare Green Island as a bird sanctuary. So bring a pair of binoculars and ask to be pointed in the right direction to observer Tropicbirds, Wedregos, Audobon Shearwaters and more.Saba is home to both the white-tailed Tropicbird, P. lepturus, and the red-billed Tropicbird, P. aethereus. With its fondness for inaccessible cliff-side dwellings coupled with the destruction of habitat in other areas, there has been little scientific research on these birds. However, on Saba, nesting sites are found on a sloping hillside just east of the Fort Bay Harbor. As well, you can observe them return to nest sites on the cliffs around Saba's Sulfur Mine area. Click here for a list of Saba's endemic and visiting avian species.

Taxi Tours
are offered in most tourist destinations.  Saba's Taxi Drivers, however, are a proud breed with roots dating back several generations, most to founding families.  Their tours are full of information, lore and good fun.  You can choose your driver and the duration of the tour letting them know if your interest lies in photographing Saba's scenic views, learning more about the unique history, a tour of architectural styles, stopping at shops, specific gardens or all of the above.  An average tour lasts 2-3 hours and costs $50 for up to 4 persons.  With some notice, The Sea Saba office can arrange the driver of your choice and the time that works for you.
Rock Climbing on Saba
Rock Climbing and Bouldering

are a natural next step for Saba's nature and eco-tourism product. Over the years, Sea Saba's diving instructors and Michael from The Brigadoon restaurant mapped out routes and climbs.  It's a bit premature to pack your chalk bag and rock shoes but stay tuned for some eventual 'official routes'.  In the next years, Saba hopes to offer a number of challenging routes for beginner to experienced climbers.  The Saba Conservation Foundation will be monitoring where the routes are set up to assure that this activity is in harmony with Saba's ecological policies.
Annual Events
Saba Carnival 2011The island of Saba has three events each year worth planning a trip for or around...
Saba Summer Carnvial 
Normally the last week of July and the first week of August (check the Saba Tourist Office website for exact dates each year) is the timing of Saba Summer Carnival--or as it's pronounced by Sabans: "Car-nee-vahl".  This 10-day event has a number of jump ups, beauty contests, Calypso contests, bands, food and the finale is a parade around the village of The Bottom after the traditional Juvet Morning when you are to come out and dance in your pajamas at day break.  With the exception of the start of Juvet Morning (starts in Windwardside and lasts about one hour before you can no longer hear the revelers), all events take place in the village of The Bottom so not to worry that hotels and cottages in the Windwardside area can still enjoy the normal peacefulness.
Sea & Learn on Saba
October is the month
to Sea & Learn on Saba

This international award winning program marks 2010 as it's 8th annual event.  Every day and every night in the month of October, there are nature experts on island conducting presentations, working with Saba school children and doing hands on surveys and research.  The program's slogan:  It's Fun! It's Free! It's for Everyone! is fitting.  The non-profit foundation brings in nature experts from around the a dusk dive to watch mating and sex change behavior of damsel fish; night hike to observe spiders and scorpions interaction in our rainforest; ponder your diet and its global effects after watching this year's Movie Night. Or, just come to the venue, order a cold drink and enjoy a fabulous big screen photographic presentation in layman's terms.  The presenters cover a wide range of plants, critters and global issues so there's sure to be something to intrigue all those interested in nature.  You can participate in as many or as few events as you like.  Some field projecst require advance sign up or may be limited to a certain number of partcipants.  Presentations take place in a 'happy hour environment' to promote a relaxed, uninhibited learning environment.  Monitor the Sea & Learn website for more information, schedules and news update or follow Sea & Learn on Facebook.

Saba's TriathlonThe Hell's Gate Challenge
is a triathlon race that takes place each year in late January. The 3-part course may not be as large as worldwide events but it is equally as challenging.  Saba's triathlon is gaining momentum over the years.  2015 marks the 10th event which attracts athletes from other Caribbean islands and the U.S. and Europe.  You can participate as a team, each member taking one of the 3 parts, or as an individual.  The race starts with a brisk entry in to Well's Bay to swim a course not quite as far as Diamond Rock.  No need to dry off as you're sure to quickly warm up as the next leg is the bike course up the Well's Bay Road through the villages of The Bottom and Windwardside, up the Mountain Road to The Ecolodge. Dump your cycle for the final run on the Sandy Cruz Trail ending at the Catholic Church in Hell's Gate.  Amen.  The event was brainstormed by the owners of The Ecolodge but now has corporate sponsorship and is managed by a non-profit foundation.  Be sure to book in advance as hotel rooms and other accommodations can sell out for this weekend.