Dependable Equipment
Sea Saba equipmentSea Saba has been in operation since 1985. We are proud to say that in 30 years of operation,  we have never missed a day of diving due to a mechanical or technical problem.  Our expertise at conducting preventative maintenance to our equipment and upgrading items when necessary is something our clients count on. There is neither a marine supply store nor a marine service center to call on the island.  Instead, we are self sufficient with an extensive workshop of tools, equipment, spare parts, and, of course, the know how to get the job done.

With over 30 years of diving and industry experience, John keeps Sea Saba ticking behind the scenes. John is a Bauer-certified compressor technician with over 20 years experience.  He services not only Sea Saba's compressors but the compressors in this area of the Caribbean.  Our custom made filtration system assures Sea Saba's divers the finest quality air (O2 compatible--see our Certified Pure status) and consistent nitrox fills. Besides graduating the School of Hard Knocks, with honors, John is also a factory-certified technician for both Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel engines, the engines in Giant Stride and Sea Dragon, respectively as well as the island's welder and fabricator. Having the ability to repair and maintain our own equipment means less down time and more assurance to you that your safety and good time are our priority.
Sea Saba Equipment
Qty Manufacturer Specifics Daily/Weekly Rate Logo
4 Bauer K-14 compressors highest quality air rating w/O2 compatible air N/A Bauer Group Logo  link to website
1 Nuvair nitrox system membrane system for safe, reliable nitrox $8/tank or $59/unlimited Nuvair Nitrox Logo  link to website
200 Luxfer scuba cylinders
--100 air tanks
--100 nitrox tanks
80 cubic feet (12liters) with INT valves;
DIN adapters available
tanks and weights included in all diving rates Lufer Scuba Cylinders Logo  link to website
4 Luxfer cylinders 100 cubic feet
(nitrox only)
4 Luxfer cylinders 50 cubic feet by request with approval
25 Scubapro regs Mark V regulators $8/day or package* Scubapro Logo  link to website
35 Scubapro BC's sizes XXS thru XXL $8/day or package*
60 Mares, Body Glove & Scubapro shorties: sizes XXS thru XXL
full suits also available
$5-10/day or package* Body Glove Logo  link to website
50 Mares/Scubapro fins full foot fins; some jet fins available--boots available for purchase $5/day or package Mares Logo  link to website
8 Uwatec, SubPro and Mares dive computers easy-to-use for air/nitrox capabilities $12/day or $50/week UWATEC Logo link to website

Sea Saba rental rates
If you are only coming to Saba for a few days, you might consider not lugging your equipment.  Our rental rates are the lowest we've seen.  Only $15/day for a full set of equipment or any combination thereof:  mask, fins, snorkel, bc, regulator and shortie wetsuit.  If you are bringing your own equipment, check out Travel Tips for information from packing to tips about the St. Maarten airport and traveling on Winair.  Dive computers (air and nitrox) are available for additional $12/day.
Digital cameras are NOT presently available...