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Welcome Aboard Saba's Best Boats!
Only Sea Saba offers 40' boats for your comfort and convenience.  Two customized boats give us the flexibility to match diver experience levels so as not to compromise any diver's safety, comfort or fun. No worries, big boats don't mean big crowds! M/V Giant Stride and M/V Sea Dragon are U.S. Coast Guard certified for 20 divers BUT our maximum is only 10 divers* with two dive instructors. "A boat is a boat" you might say? Delta boats have been highly regarded in the dive industry for more than 25 years. The heavier, well designed hulls and keels provide more comfort and safety in heavier seas which means we can get you to a greater variety of dive sites.
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Saba's Best Boats: Sea Dragon Giant Stride
Manufacturer Delta (Canaveral) Delta (Canaveral)
Length 38' (42' w/platform) 38' (42' w/platform)
Beam 12' (3.8m) 12' (3.8m)
Powered by Detroit Diesel 671 Twin Caterpillar 3208's
USCG certified # of Divers* 20*; max at 10 20*; max at 10
Head on Board? no yes
Other features of our vessels:
Our well-equipped boats assure you of the utmost in safety and comfort. Each vessel provides plenty of sun or shade, wind protection, ample seating, gear storage, hanging facilities, fresh water shower, drinking water and lemonade, cold storage for lunches...we also offer you a complimentary "camera bag" for whatever size rig you have--use it for the week to protect your gear in transport and keep the salt water from crystallizing. Let's go diving! Entering the water from either Giant Stride or Sea Dragon is easy. Our large deck area makes the entire dive day fun. Multiple exit points mean we spend more time exploring the reef and less time on the down line. Additional rinsing facilities are at our workshop in the harbor. VHF radios, cell phones for safety and communications as well as oxygen, first aid are standard equipment.

*Sea Saba doesn't like crowds above or below the surface. We run our daily schedule with a maximum of 10 divers with two crew members except when specifically requested to do otherwise by pre-booked groups requesting to dive as a group--our vessels are certified for up to 20 divers BUT we max group travelers at just 14 divers with 3 crew.