Shark Shoals is a Saba Marine Park pinnacle where we can see large pelagicsphoto courtesy Vivi Pimentel
Shark Shoals

Mooring Depth: 90 feet (30m)
Maximum Depth: 120 feet (38m)
An aptly named small isolated pinnacle about half a mile east of Well's Bay with one main pinnacle at 90 feet saddled to a second set of outcrops at 120 feet that rise from 300 foot sea bed. This site offers spectacular fish life, dramatic sponge formations and excellent up-close shark encounters...This site is also home to Betty & Bob, the two resident turtles. While relaxing on your safety stop, take a few more minutes for extra padding and to look for Wahoo and Mahi Mahi--beautiful gamefish often seen in shallower water here.