Tent Reef Deep is part of the Tent Bar area in the Saba Marine Park.  A patch reef is on the sloping sand and home to everything from Garden Eels to Pipe fishTent Reef Deep
Mooring Depth: 70 feet (23m)
Maximum Depth: 120 feet (38m)
This site is a deep patch reef at the end of the Tent Reef system. This small, steep-sided reef is often combined with a visit to the Tent Reef dive site. Rare black coral, schools of Yellowtail Snapper and large Margates can be found on the deeper parts of the reef while the shallower areas are home to colonies of Garden Eels, Stingrays, and Yellowhead Jawfish. While multi-leveling your dive in the coral garden, keep your eyes peeled for Queen Triggerfish and Web Burrfish with their spines erect.