Mt. Michel dive site in the Saba Marine Park is a treat to dive.  There has been no mooring for several years so look forward to a fresh dive sitephoto courtesy Kerry Thompson
Mt. Michel

Mooring Depth: 95 feet (30m)
Maximum Depth: 110 feet (35m)
This site was established in 1999 but just reinstalled in late 2010 after 3+ years of non-use due to mooring issues—so look forward to a fresh site dived by few!  The site was originally discovered by Michel Cleveau, who worked for Sea Saba in the late 80’s.  Mt. Michel is located south of the main plateau where two pinnacles rise to within 100 and 120 feet of the surface. The higher peak supports a dramatic vertical wall on one side with a gentler slope connecting it to the shallower peak. Look for passing game fish or the resident Hawksbill turtle who favors the large ledges created by the star and plate corals on this healthy, diverse substrate.