Tent Reef is part of the Tent Bar area in the Saba Marine Park.  Saba's most popular dive site is famed for its beautiful overhang and swim throughphoto courtesy Vivi Pimentel
Tent Reef
Mooring Depth: 43 feet (13m)
Maximum Depth: 65 feet (21m)
A mini-wall, huge boulders and a dramatic swim thru provide a unique combination of qualities at one of Saba's most popular dive sites. From the mooring, head easterly on the outside of the boulders to a sand slope where Garden Eels and Southern Stingrays are seen. Then swim to the base of the mini-wall slowly through the boulders and the archway while searching for Saba's only known Cherubfish (relative of the Angelfish but only 2" in size). Keep a sharp eye out  for Hawksbill Turtles, Scorpionfish, Frogfish and Longsnout Seahorses in this dive that offers unlimited possibilities.