Tent Reef Wall is part of the Tent Bar area in the Saba Marine Park.  Wondeful colors with looming overhangs makes this a spectacular dive for beginners and more experienced divers.photo courtesy Arlene Quinlan
Tent Reef Wall

Mooring Depth: 20 feet (6m)
Maximum Depth: 100 feet (30m)
A dramatic multilevel wall dive with rich color and looming overhangs. Heading out along the wall at 80 feet and back along an overhang ledge at 50 feet provides a close look at the myriad of colorful encrusting sponge species. On top of the ledge, spend your safety stop searing for Frogfish, Scorpion fish and the occasional spotted White nose Pipefish (relative of the Seahorse). Queen Angelfish and large Barracuda in the shadows make this a heads up, as well as thumbs up, dive.