Seneca is Sea Saba's mascot and her siblings were born in and eventually rescued from a drainpipe in a small town in Illinois.  If you look at her puppy photos you can almost believe the animal shelter (as we did) that her mother was a yellow lab...She's certainly 100% mutt with a mind of her own.  Seneca has adapted well to her new Caribbean lifestyle with fun-filled days of hiking, swimming lessons,,,and often times just 'coolin' out' on the floor begging for even more attention and adoration.  Her extra long snout seems to make her extra skilled at finding puppy treats in your pocket (who says dogs can't count?), be prepared!  Ask for a paw and she'll trade you a treat for a kiss...She sports her diving collar and matching leash and is available to assist you in sizing for your friend at home.

Watch Seneca Grow!
Just Animals Shelter in Seneca, Illinois, takes advantage of the network to help place animals in need of rescue.  Seneca is named after this small community and the strong Native American Indian Tribe that once lived there before the days of Louis and Joliet.   Lynn's from Joliet and when she was in the area of the International Adventure Travel Show, she found Seneca.

Her mother really was a Yellow Lab!First day with dad.
Seneca is adapting to her new Caribbean paradise.  Many hours are now spent sleeping (and growing!) on our Windwardside office floor but she is busy exploring hiking trails with her first swimming lesson coming soon.  John is in charge of her regimented training--she has big paws to fill as Kodiak was not only mellow and gentle with visitors but voice trained.  The shelter told us she was predominantly yellow Labrador with some German Shepherd.  The more she grows the more she appears to be 100% mutt but mostly shepherd with some husky--a curled tail and a bit of attitude.

Stout lil girl..The first breakand another at 12 weeks!At one year+, knee surgery after a tumble...
Oooops!  Thinking she's as agile as the cats she shares a house with, Seneca tried one of their tricks...leaping out a window but didn't plant the landing well!  She fractured a growth plate; the splint had to be put on in St. Maarten.  It didn't stop her from running around chasing chickens...or from getting under Lynn's feet.  Two days after the first splint was removed, Seneca had to be flown again to St. Maarten--this time with a few broken bones in the paw.  She has since applied for Winair frequent flier status. Just about a year later, March 2003, she took a tumble with hiking pals Michael and Cooper.  Originally diagnosed with a pulled muscle, we "grounded her" for a few days but she continued to run around on three legs.  Not knowing whether she enjoyed the attention and practicing her acting skills or really a problem, she caught The Edge ferry to St. Maarten.  A  French-side beach was enjoyed before the doctor declared knee surgery was necessary to repair the torn ligaments and muscle...back to swimming lessons in a few weeks!

Meet Seneca's Friends...
my first playmate steady beau Sa-chi... Now Available as a Guide Cooper and I love the Trails!Sa-chi shows Seneca new strokes!Move over--another good lookin' girl in town!Pretty soon Kane will be much bigger than this--good thing we're pals!
Filling the void for many customers missing their own dogs Seneca has loads of great interaction with divers, children and as you can see from this photo, other visitors like Scooter (the islands' only ferret) and Sa-Chi, the Akita who she hikes with daily.  Her water bowl is open to all friendly 4-legged visitors...

Twp famous cover girls!
Not content with her local celebrity status, Seneca is looking toward the big time...pictured here taking pointers (and kisses) by hanging out with a real celebrity.  Famous model, actress and avid scuba diver Lauren Hutton helps Seneca work on a dazzling smile...