Lisa Kirkley and Nick Terry

Ashley Marquardt and Ryan Zwicker
our our newest team members, are anything but grounded. Neither seems comfortable on land but instead prefers diving to the abyss or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

Both Ryan and Ashley are American passport holders but Ashley grew up in South Korea with a Mom as a Army Colonel. She learned to dive as a young teen in Vietnam. Ashley received a full-ride military scholarship but eventually switched gears and decided to see the world another way. Ashley went full circle, returning to Vietnam for her instructor’s course and first dive job.

Meanwhile, Ryan started diving the fresh-water lakes of Arkansas with his boat-building father. Their bond became even stronger with their mutual intrigue for search and recovery diving. Ryan is a certified machinist who did his corporate penance as an engineer for a large firm but spent most of his spare time flying. Fittingly, they met while sky diving. Ryan specialized in aerial videography and has over 2,000 jumps while Ashley has a mere 1,000.

Look forward to flying with Ashley and Ryan to Saba’s blue depths.