John Magor & Lynn Costenaro

John Magor &
Lynn Costenaro

John and Lynn met while diving in the mid-80's and have made Saba their home since 1989. They continue to dive both on Saba and elsewhere, keeping a fresh perspective on diving and our environment.

Nearly 30 years ago when spending a winter on St. Kitts, John looked at Saba on the horizon. He'd heard many a tale of Saba's dramatic diving but it wasn't until many years and many dives later that he first stepped foot on Saba. John's thirst for adventure began as a teenager--leaving his London family flat to backpacking trips around West Pakistan, Europe and Northern Africa. With a portable career as a hair stylist he headed to Ottawa, Canada, where he learned to dive and spent long weekends exploring the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Warm water trips to Belize, Tobago and the Red Sea resurrected his itch to travel.
He boarded a schooner and after stops in the Azores and Spain he settled down for a three-year stint in the Red Sea.

Next stop was the famed MV Tropicbird in the British Virgin Islands where he met Lynn, who was on a dive trip with friends. A few months later in early 1987, Lynn abandoned her corporate NYC job and a daily commute from Greenwich for a more nomadic lifestyle with John in Sharm El Shiek, Egypt. They donned drysuits for the next stop in Quadra Island, British Columbia but as winter set in they decided Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands sounded more appealing.

Lynn was born and raised in the Midwest of the US. She became an instructor in 1989 just prior to their departure for Saba which was considered one of the last frontiers of the Caribbean at that time. John and Lynn have been managing Sea Saba as minority partners since 1992 and eventually "bought out" Sea Saba's founders, Joan and Lou Bourque in 1997. If it were up to John, he’d be underwater shooting photos all day but more often than not you’ll find him behind the scenes keeping the boats, vehicles, compressors and other operational necessities in order. And now that he has a new workshop, John has a new hobby--ask to see one of his hand-crafted knives.

Lynn is normally in the Windwardside office helping to make your trip special from the point of first contact until after you arrive home. Lynn is also a founder (along with Johanna of Juliana's) of the annual Sea & Learn on Saba program. For more insight about John and Lynn and how their passion for nature effects Sea Saba, check out Emerald Planet Images and Sea & Learn on Saba.