Jack Golbourn
Meet Jack; an islander from across the pond, the Isle of White that is. Though being brought up in cooler climes, Jack has always loved the outdoors and healthy living. He's an avid gardener who loves experimenting and cooking. He shows up for work each morning with a blend of herbal tea, never spoiling it with the Devil's Dandruff, only naturally sweetening his concoctions. He completed his degree at the University of Northampton in Sport Exercise and set out to explore the warmer islands of the Caribbean.

Jack has traveled and worked in diving in Mexico and Grand Cayman and aboard the Seamaster sailing and diving programs for teens.

After hours, Jack may whiz past you on the road, heading to a trailhead as he's training for his next adventure. He devoted his last vacation to taking a course in ice climbing and successfully summited Huayna Potosi in Bolivia--6,088 meters. Take 4 minutes and enjoy the short film he created from that trip.

Don't miss planning a night dive any time you're on Saba. Jack will be pleased to share our new special black light with you and explain some of the theories of why and how some of our creatures flouresce.