James 'Garvis' Hassel

James 'Garvis' Hassell
Garvis will be among the first to greet you when you arrive at Saba's Jauncho Yrasquin airport. Whether you've booked your trip for a day or a month, let us know your arrival time and Ambassador Hassell will be there to "steer" you in the right direction. Garvis' stands out above the crowd at 6'4" but more often than not he'll spot you first with his uncanny knack of identifying expected visitors. His white van will be close by and at the ready for your dive gear and luggage. Garvis' roots date back to Saba's earliest European settlers. You can arrange an island tour with him where you'll meet his aunt who'll introduce you to Saban lace, visit his family farmland and receive a quick history lesson about Saba's Fort Bay harbor that he helped build. When your trip is finished, Garvis will reliably pick you up at your hotel or cottage an hour before your departure flight for the short 15 minute trip down the mountain.