William "Chip" D'Angelo
Chip is a face seen only a few weeks per year on Saba. His focus is instead is twenty-five years of experience managing specialty service, engineering and contracting businesses. Chip learned to dive as part of an Environmental Science program at Montclair State College in 1975. His first project as an environmental consultant took him to Puerto Rico for nearly two years during which time he dove the region from Vieques to the British Virgin Islands. Over the years he diversified his business interests from founding a marine search and survey company which introduced the first commercial Benthos ROV to owning a dive shop in New Jersey. Chip enjoyed a number of Caribbean dive trips from the Bahamas to Mexico during which time he even became a PADI divemaster. On a trip to St. Maarten in the late '80's, Chip met Wilson McQueen, the first to scuba dive Saba's waters. Chip and Wilson became friends and eventually Chip became an investment partner in Wilson's ferryboat business which took 'daytrippers' from St. Maarten to Saba. Chip's 10-year history with Saba is now scaled down to his investment interests with Sea Saba and coming down to enjoy the island.