Kelly Hellyer

Anna Harvey
can be described as "well read", literally. She graduated from St. John's College in Maryland with a degree in Comparative Literature and is easily entertained on days off by curling up with anything ranging from history to mysteries...unless of course it's raining, the only time she seems to choose to hike.

Family vacations found Anna face-down for hours, consumed with watching fish while snorkeling. But this fair-skinned young American of Irish descent was such a vicitim to the backs of her legs being scorched by the sun, this alone was a reason to delve deeper.

Finding joy in sharing her passion for the sea led Anna first to thethe British Virgin Islands where she became an instructor and next to the Bahamas where she worked for Outdoor Education. She next tested her patience with introducing diving to teens in the Broadreach diving and sailing programs in the northeast Caribbean. Having visited Saba, it was an easy decision to join Sea Saba where she's now our newest boat captain. Look forward to diving with this keen spotter of smaller, unusual things otherwise missed; she seems to have a particular connection with sea goddesses.